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Value Rating System

List Price Rating System


We Rate 11 Categories of Major Value.


1. Commercial Use: Does the name have great market potential? Does the domain name actually have the potential to be built into a commercial web site?


2. Name Awareness and Brand Recognition: Is the name easy to remember? Is it easy to trademark? Is the name worthy of becoming a "Brand Name"? 


3. Character Length of Name: How long is the name? In most cases, the fewer number of characters in the name, the higher the value. In other cases, a longer descriptive name matching the brand identity will generate a higher value.


4. Dot (extension) Values: What extension does the name have? Is it a Top Level .com, or 2nd or 3rd tier .net, .us, .org, .info or a different extension? . com is globally recognized and considered as the top level of all domains worldwide.


5. Age: How long has the domain name been maturing. Seasoned domain names are more valuable to search engine recognition.


6. Keywords: Search volume based on keywords is vital to the visibility of a domain name. It could make the difference in an 80% market share, or a 20% market share.


7. Descriptive Phrase: How distinct is the description of the domain name to the exact match of the industry, product or acronyms.


8. Availability: Supply and demand. Availability of similar top level names.


9. Marketability: Does the name have marketing qualities such as standalone website, hyperlink to company brand, slogan, or ad campaign marketability?


10. Wow Factor: Satisfying the emotional palette. Evoking emotion.

11. Comps: Previous sales of similar names with similar characteristics